How We Work


Before showing the client the properties themselves, I will be showing the whole region of Santa Catarina. First, we show the coastline. We visit the seaside in two main cities in the State, Florianopolis, which is the capital of Santa Catarina, and then Garopaba, which is a surprise. Then we visit the Mountain Region.

After the whole tour, I will hear from the buyer and show him what I expect will fit the criteria.

How much do we charge for the whole tour in Santa Catarina and properties show off?

Price: 5k BRL

*Note: Once the first sale is close, we'll refund you this value.

Closing the first Sale

Having the client seem every aspect of the estates and making his decision, we make a deal. The first step is to go to Notary(pt:cartório) in order to formalize the party's will. Then it comes the payment. Payment done and after all documents signed, you can consider yourself owner of the property. However, there is a last procedure, register the public deed in the Real Estate Registration Office(pt:Cartório de Registro de Imóveis). This is the ultimate register issued by the government to proof your estate is 100% in order with the law and you now own the property before society.

What are the commissions?

You might be wondering how much we get from each sale. Each State of Brazil has its own National Realtor's Council, we call it CRECI. This is the umbrella organization in which regulates the Realtors Profession. You can access the official website here and see the commission we get from rural properties is 10% and from urban properties is 6%.