Permanent Visa by Investment

Learn how the process occurs and how I can help

Making a Strategic Relocation to Brazil might be very frustrating if you get to the wrong place and to the wrong people, and the chances are high.

The process to get a permanent visa in Brazil is a tough time consuming and bureaucratic task, and I doubt you won't get irritated even with the best lawyer and accountant in the world. However, if you make your due diligence analysis in how it actually works, you will quite likely avoid many headaches. Also, it is important to be lucky enough to get good people to help and a good region to go, since the country is quite big, you may step in the wrong place if you do not watch out where you goin' to. 

I shouldn't be saying that, since I want you to buy property here - right?

The reason I'm saying this is because I do want you to understand how the procedures are like and why you should get my help.

See my prices at the bottom of this page.

Step Number 1

You will issue a Power of Attorney in a Notary. On your request, I make myself available for that.

Apostille this document also in a Notary.

Why do you need a Power of Attorney? Government Laws.

Step Number 2

During the process, you're gonna need a few foreign documents. In order to use them during the process, you need to provide apostille certificates. What documents do you need to apostille?​

  • Identification Document

  • Birth Certificate

  • Passport

  • Power of Attorney

*Tip> Make 2 authenticated copies for each of them.

Step Number 3

Obtain your CPF(Taxpayer Registration) through the Receita Federal. It is free and can be made online here.

This can be either done by yourself or by your representative(Power of Attorney).

Step Number 4

With CPF in hands, you now can open a new company in the Commercial Board of Santa Catarina(JUCESC, visit website here).

You can also invest in an existing company by doing a simple shareholder incorporation procedure. 

At this point, you need a representative until the Visa Process is done.

Note: I am owner of a lumber company. If you find it better, you can invest in my company and either become a shareholder or use the value to buy property. This would make the Visa Process faster than creating a new company.

Step Number 5

With your Company Certificate, CPF, Representative Apostille Certificate and a Temporary Valid Address, you open a Bank Account. Since Brazilians bank managers are not used with this process and hardly know any english, this will be tough. Lucky you are I have a bank manager partner.

With the bank account numbers, you register it at the Central Bank. After that, you can finally transfer the money. 

Now with the investment remittance(which will be issued by the Central Bank) in hands, you can finally file all documents and send it to the Brazilian Consulate of your choice.

After the approval from the consulate, you go there and check out how to finally get the permanent visa. This will vary from country to country.

The amount required is 500k BRL. However, if the company meets certain conditions, this amount could be as less as 150k BRL.

  • Important Notes
  1. In some countries the apostille certificates are referred as legalized and authenticated copies of the original documents.

  2. This is a long process, consider getting the help of a lawyer and an accountant.

  • Prices

We'll be charging a fee of 10k USD for the Visa Process, if you decide to make it with us. We'll refund you half of the value after the first sale is closed. So, this way, we can guarantee you a rapid process('cause we have our own accountants and lawyers), and still we make sure you are gonna invest on real estate in Santa Catarina with us. Contact me and let's talk! 

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