Read this and see how you can apply your money in Santa Catarina in order to create a business to serve as your income generator in Brazil.

The State holds a lot of business opportunities for those willing to create a new income generator. See the map, look at the distances, the potential areas to expand and realize how everything is interconnected and can be put together to create a brilliant company.

So what would be the main business opportunities types in the State?

My opinion the best business types would be around:

1. Real Estate​​

2. Tourism​

The State has amazing natural beauty. This speaks for itself.

3. Export good through the Commercial Ports in the Atlantic Border.

Santa Catarina is home to amazing productive lands. 

4. Industrial Sector

If you want to play hard, you can invest on the Industry Sector.

Santa Catarina for Real Estate Business

The main potential places to invest in Real Estate is in the map above.

On this area you have:

  • Potential land plots to divide in smaller lots and make a housing development;

  • Rural Productive Lands;

  • Agroindustries;

  • Pork, Chicken and Dairy Farms;

  • Many touristic attractions and in my opinion the best coastline in the world;

  • Amazing beaches both families and young people;

  • High Grass Lands reaching up to ~1800m above the sea level and still only 2,5h from the coastline;

  • Mountain Range called Serra Geral;

  • German and European Culture mixed with Brazilian Culture;

  • And much more.