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Israel Lincoln,
Certified Real Estate Broker.

Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil.

I'm a homesteader based on Santa Rosa de Lima, Southern Brazil. Son of farmers, I grew up in Minas Gerais and in my 20s I came to live in Santa Catarina aiming more quality of life. I then found myself on Permaculture Farming and started my own business using family support and my will to live sustainably. Bracatinga Imóveis is focused on Strategic Relocation to South America for those who are aware of the current world affairs.

I myself, founder of this company, owns property somewhere one can find himself in a completely silent environment on a mountain top surrounded by 360 º long views, where you can only see the green and feel like you're living 200 years back when there were no massive urban areas.

This is the kind of feeling I want my clients to have, and that is why I am focused on High End Secluded Properties.