Real Estate Consultancy in Southern Brazil

Brazil has many wrong stereotypes mostly done by the media. The country is actually huge and there are special locations which offers a really good life style which you can't find anywhere else in this world.


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Second Visa by Investment

By investing a minimum of R$500k in Brazil, you are eligible to apply for Residency Visa

Real Estate Guidance

Post Development Support

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On your request, I will help you to fully develop infrastructure the property

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Andreas Hahn

Real Estate Agent at Santa Catarina

Israel Lincoln


About Me

I'm a homesteader based on Santa Rosa de Lima, Southern Brazil. Son of farmers, I grew up in Minas Gerais and in my 20s I came to live in Santa Catarina aiming more quality of life. I then found myself on Permaculture Farming and started my own business using family support and my will to live sustainably. Bracatinga Imóveis is focused on Strategic Relocation to South America for those who are aware of the current world affairs.